Slide POS cash registers Professional solutions in a simple way Whether you need a simple cash register for a small boutique or networked cash registers for
restaurants complexes, let us know and we are sure we will find the optimal solution,
just for You.
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Bookkeeping without load 100% satisfied Anywhere in Croatia Affordable prices See prices Looking for someone to develop applications? PROGRAMMING

POS cash registers

Our POS solutions are designed for both small and large facilities. App capabilities are much larger than in other competitive solutions. Ask us … our cash register can do whatever you want. There are no hidden options and additional costs.

Accounting services

Combined with top-notch software, we can offer accounting services at affordable prices. The whole process is automated so that we can always compete with everyone with price. If you opt for our accunting services, software for cash register is provided free of charge!


We specialize in Windows Desktop applications, ASP.NET technology, LAMP platforms, Android applications and GIS systems so we can meet virtually any demand you want in the area of programming. Part of all the listed platforms and technologies are already working successfully in a combination with our cash register software, web browsers – back office (ASP.NET), Android apps for ordering…

In today’s chaotic business environment where you always have to keep up with the competition, leave the jobs that are burdening you to us. We guarantee your satisfaction. Dedicate yourself to your growth. We are following rule,laws,market changes for you, and are always adjusting to your success. All results will be discussed with you, explained to you and you will be advised.

By integrating various systems at multiple levels (cash registers, bookkeeping, ERP …) we have simplified the whole process to the details. We monitor technological advances and adapt our systems to make the whole process as easy as possible for you and for us. But we are still looking at the quality of our services. Do not let your business be burdened with complicated solutions, methods, and procedures. Test us!

We always try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Of course we consider priority of the problem, so for urgent things we will be even faster! Therefore, please respect our time and submit all your requests, inquiries and information as soon as possible and in time. What you can do today, do not delay for tomorrow.

Why choose us

  • Highly educated staff is a guarantee of quality

  • Experience in programming, cash registers and bookkeeping for over 15 years

  • Continuous working hours and available support provide you with stability in your business

  • This is not a hobby for us that we do in the afternoon, we do this for living

  • A referential list of over 400 customers is our pride.

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