What is Outsourcing:

Outsourcing can enable the use of the best experts and practices that fit into a project or budget of any kind and as needed. Management focuses on core business and strategy, leaving the care of project management and work to others. In most cases, if a company hires an outsourcing company, it has its own project management. The advantage of employing a specialist to work on a particular task is that it does not oblige the person to remain after the end of the project if there is no need for it and it is easier to terminate the employment relationship. Outsourcing also brings considerable time savings, especially when a foreign company employs locally, with already elaborated solutions and databases needed for project success at the local level.

Outsourcing in programming:

If you have the need to create a web or desktop application and do not have enough experience to run projects, Egeo d.o.o can offer you a team of top experts to assist with the implementation of whole projects or just some of their parts.

Our team consists of experienced programmers with 15 years of work experience in web and desktop technologies to ensure the fast implementation and the high quality of our services.

What we offer you:

  • Constant availability

  • Professional service

  • Respecting customer desires

  • Innovative technologies

Our Skills:

  • Web applications development

  • Design and development of web pages

  • Programming languages:  C#, Java, PHP, Javascript

  • Databases:  MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2

  • Web:  ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, React, Angular, Javascript, jQuery, .Net Core

  • Mobile:  Android, .Net

  • GIS:  ESRI JS API, Google maps API

  • Windows:  Windows Forms, .Net Core